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Sunday, 19th November, 2017

Saturday, 26th  January, 2019  

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The FIBC Junior Pairs Tournament held on Saturday 17th March produced another memorable finish to a fabulous day. The young bowlers were of a variety of ages and experience and many of those with just a few months bowling behind them acquitted themselves with a skill level that bodes extremely well for the future of these young bowlers and the future of the game at junior level within the county of Suffolk.
To those who work with young bowlers, it is of no surprise to see the relationships that these young people forge through their shared interest of bowls and the lively chatter and laughter between games is lovely to hear, following the professionalism of good etiquette and sportsmanship already having been shown on the green.
Following the round robin type early rounds the play- off matches for the top 4 places produced highly competitive bowling to find out the eventual finishing order.
The 3rd and 4th place play off was between Lois Bollington and Freddie Hewitt of Beccles IBC, previous top 4 finishers the n the past 2 years, and the surprise package from the host club Jessica Hay and Oscar Smith. The Beccles pairing had to come from behind to snatch 3rd spot in an enjoyable game in which the 9 years old Jessica Hay showed a concentration level well beyond that previously noticed. Oscar also showed a talent for the game of bowls which with more experience with see much more improvement. The play-off game for the 1st and 2nd spot was a cracker, as most spectators expected as both teams involved had comfortably won their respective divisions being undefeated throughout. The final last year was decided on the final bowl of the 10th and final end, but even that could not divide the finalists this year. With Ellie Last of Ipswich IBC and Emily Hay of the host club and Craig Coleman and Charlie Beeton also Felixstowe IBC  tied after 10 enthralling ends of high quality bowls. An extra end to decide the title first went the way of the lads until skip Ellie gently edging her partner's opening bowl into shot bowl position. She then drew a very good 2nd bowl leaving Charlie with a very difficult opportunity to gain the shot and victory for the lads.
A valiant effort which just required a further 2 rolls of the bowl left the girls as victors I f the end and the match.. This was a fascinating game that swung to and fro and the skill level of these 4 young bowlers was a privilege to watch and a wonderful advert for bowls in general let alone young people.


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 Start : 23rd September  
Time : 10.00 -12.00