Competition Format
All Matches up to the finals are to be played in regulation Grays and Whites ( or club shirt if so wished)    
with regulation bowls shoes or sandals. These may consists of the following competitions subject to
sufficient number of entries being received:
Mens's and Ladies Singles                               : Four woods 21 Shots OR 2 hours
Pairs ( Men's, Ladies and mixed )                   : Four woods 16 ends OR 2 hours
Triples ( Men's, Ladies and mixed )                : Three woods 16 ends OR 2 hours
These may be replaced by other competitions if insufficient entries are received .
Play By Dates
Both players / teams are responsible for ensuring games are played on or by the allocated date.        
Failure to do so WILL RESULR IN EITHER 0r BOTH being eliminated, unless the Competition Secretary        
has been offered and agreed a satisfactory reasonPRIOR to the competition date. Refer Rule 10
A score card shall be completed for each match naming ALL competitors of both sides and duly            
signed by the individuals, or team captains, as appropriate. All completed cards shall then be                
placed in the club competition box. 
Substitutes will only be allowed with the concent of the competition secretary or as detailed by the        
Laws of the Sports of Bowls.
Visits to the Head
One visit per end is permitted by skips only. This includes remaining at the head to the await        
opponents wood, and a total of three visits to the head per game will be allowed. This rule                  
should apply to all club competition including Finals
Competition Entry
Entries will only be accepted on an official entry form and accompanied by the appropriate entry fee.  
These should be placed in an envelope marked COMPETITION ENTRY and posted in the RINK FEE BOX
Entry Fees
Competition entry fees shal be displayed on the competition Notice Board. This shall be for each 
competition entered.    
Single Competition
The First named shall find a markerfor all rounds up to the final. The marker must also be correctly  
dressed in regulation grays and whites ( or club shirt)
Dispute and problems
Any dispute or problems that may arise shall be brought to the attention of the competition secretary 
immediately. Decesions will require the aggrement of a minimum of three members of the 
Management Committee. and their decesion will be final.
Club Competition Finals
The dates of the finals will be displayed on the competition notice board with the entry form.    
circumstances change after entry and the competitor realise that he / she will not be available on finals
weekend the entrant must withdraw immediately.  All finals will be played in whits
General Notes and Answer to FAQ
To enable these competitions run smoothly it is essential that they are played in the right spirit and all           competitors comply with above rules.
There are to be no trial ends in any competitions.
If an end is killed it will be played again even if this means that in singles no-one reaches 21 shots, the             score after 2 hours stands.
The names on the card for the first round of a competition is the entry and if a substitute is required in           a later round that person may not skip.
No practice or league game shouls be played by the entrant on the rink on the same day that he / she             has booked for a competiton.
If at the end of normal play the result is  a draw then an extra end must be played ( even if this means             the following game is delayed) to reach a result. A coin to be tossed to decide who goes first.
If a measure can not decide the shot then it is a live end and no score.