1. Lee Calver
  2. Ladies Pairs Wnnners
  3. Charlie Beeton
  4. Men's Pairs Winners
  5. Lee Steggalls
  6. Men's Triples Winners
  7. Sarah Beeton
  8. Mixed Triples Winners
  9. Ladies Triples Winners

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 Under 21 Singles Championship
 Winner       -  Charlie Beeton
 Runner up -  Craig Coleman

Under 14 Singles Championship
 Winner       -   Lee Steggalls
 Runner up -  Harrison Cox

 Ladies Singles Championship
 Winner       -   Sarah Beeton
 Runner up -  Margaret Baker

 Men's Singles Championship
 Winner       -  Lee Calver
 Runner up -  Brian Pryke

 Men's Pairs
 Winner       -  David Gilson and Lee Calver
 Runner up -  Mahbubul Alam and Russell Garwood

 Ladies Pairs
 Winner       -  Valerie Pryke and Chris Penn
 Runner up -  Margaret Baker and Deleth Mayhew

Men's  Drawn Triples
 Winner       -  D. King, B. Pryke and J. Anderson
 Runner up -  L. Calver, C. Bennett and C. Beeton

 Mixed Pairs
 Winner       -  Sarah Beeton and Charlie Beeton
 Runner up -  Sandra Watt and Trevor Watt

 Ladies Drawn Triples
 Winner       -  V. Pryke, J. Webber and S. Tyler
 Runner up -  S. Fothergill, R. Coe and C. Penn

 Mixed Drawn Triples
 Winner       -  B. Moss, J. Moss and J. Baker
 Runner up -  M. Nunn, P. Kerswell and R. Coe

 Bragging Rights Match
 Winner       -  Men's Triples League
 Runner up -  Ladies Triple League